Data Analytics Summit

Learn how organizations are managing growing data volumes, running advanced analytics, getting deeper insights into their data, and utilizing new technologies like analaytic platforms, MPP data warehouses, MapReduce, and advanced analytic frameworks. Hear from Aster Data customers, partners, and leading analysts on new technologies and trends in big data management and advanced analytics.


Event overview:

Advanced analytics and big data management are hot topics. And there's no place better than
Data Analytics Summit to learn what innovations are happening.

Teradata's Aster Data is putting together an event to discuss advancements in big data management and analytic processing. Data Analytics Summit will showcase some of the most innovative uses of massively parallel processing (MPP) analytic platforms, advanced analytics, and enabling technologies such as MapReduce to provide a competitive edge for data-driven companies.

Learn how the convergence of big data and advanced analytics provides opportunities across use cases and industries in areas such as:

  • Customer analytics – click-stream, segmentation, targeting, and retail market basket analysis
  • Graph analytics – network recommendations, social network intelligence, and disease outbreak
  • Retail analytics – sales attribution, recommendation engines, golden path analysis
  • Insurance analytics – risk assessment, claims analysis, customer upsell
  • Communication analytics – service personalization, call data record (CDR), customer revenue assurance, and caller network analysis

Data Analytics Summit Chicago takes place October 26. Hear the success stories of leading companies in big data analytics.

Learn more about the convergence of analytic platforms, data warehousing, in-database analytics and transformations, cloud computing, and new parallel-processing approaches like MapReduce and Hadoop. See how these technologies are used to get faster, deeper insights from big data.


Who should attend:

  • Enterprise architects, data warehousing, and business intelligence professionals looking to provide the infrastructure for big data and advanced analytics to their business
  • Analytics professionals responsible for making data-driven decisions around consumer decision-making, customer loyalty, database marketing, and customer intelligence
  • Executives who want to learn how leading companies do advanced analytics on big data to compete and win

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